Instructions for oral presenters

Please note that instructions on how to participate in AMP 2020 have been emailed to all registered conference participants. If you registered for the conference, but did not receive such an email, please check your spam folder.

All oral presentations during AMP 2020 will be delivered synchronously using Zoom. If the paper associated with your abstract has been selected to be presented orally, please read the following instructions, and/or click here for a short video tutorial.


Please log on 15 minutes prior to the start time for your talk session (the full schedule can be found here). This is so that the host can set you up with the proper permissions. Note that, during the session you are presenting in, your Zoom role will be that of panelist. As such, you will be granted with more permissions than other attendees (in particular screen sharing and unmuting permissions).

If you want to use a virtual background, that’s fine, but please try to pick one that isn’t too distracting, and certainly keep it professional. We encourage you to use a virtual background with the UCSC and AMP 2020 logos, which are available here: Zoom backgrounds for AMP 2020.

To set up your presentation (see links for screenshots):

Disregard chat and Q&A* - the host and session chair will take care of questions for you.

Note that attendees cannot self-unmute, so after finishing your talk you will probably hear silence, not applause. (Sorry!)

Interacting with other presentations:

As a presenter you do not have the ability to ask questions using the Q&A feature. You may send questions for other presenters directly to the session host (the host is different from the session chair).

You can mute/unmute yourself during Q&A, but please do not. Let the host do this.

You can review the AMP 2020 Code of conduct here.

We also encourage you to share your presentation materials, whether slides or handouts, with the other attendees using Padlet. Click on the following link for instructions on how to use Padlet and get your presentation materials available to your audience:

*Presenters for the Workshop on Intonation may wish to monitor Q&A and chat themselves. You can coordinate chat settings (e.g. who is able to use the chat feature) with the host before the session begins. If you want participants to be able to speak, the host will need to unmute them.

We hope that these instructions will clear technical worries you might have and facilitate transitions during the conference. Please feel free to contact us at if any other questions arise.