Instructions for conference attendees

Please note that instructions on how to participate in AMP 2020 have been emailed to all registered conference participants. If you registered for the conference, but did not receive such an email, please check your spam folder.

Prior to connecting to the session, please double-check that you have your display name properly formatted in your Zoom account settings. You may want to include the following information:

To include information in your display name, enter it as though it is part of your name. You will not be able to change your display name from within the webinar, so you must set this up ahead of time.

Interacting with presentations:

Note that you will not be able to chat, self-unmute, or use video. Attendees only have access to the Q&A function. You may submit questions using this feature. If your question is selected during the Q&A session, the host will unmute you so you can ask using your microphone.

Please take a moment to review our Code of conduct.