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Fall 2022

QUD: Questions in Discourse

Monday, October 3, 2022
Farkas & Bruce (2010): On Reacting to Assertions and Polar Questions

Monday, September 26, 2022:
Planning Meeting


QUD: Mood

Thursday, June 7, 2019
Özyıldız (2017): Attitude reports with and without true belief

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Bittner (2005): Future discourse in a tenseless language

Thursday, May 2, 2019
Silk (2018): Commitment and states of mind with mood and modality

Thursday, April 18, 2019
Portner (2018): Mood (Chapter 2)

Portner & Rubenstein (2012): Mood and contextual commitment

Thursday, April 11, 2019
Portner (2018): Mood (Chapter 1)

QUD: Deixis

Wednesday, November 14th 2018:
Davidson (2015): Question, demonstration, and iconicity

Wednesday, November 7th 2018:
Deal (2017): Shifty asymmetries: universals and variation in shifty indexicality (Sections 5-end)

Wednesday, October 31st 2018:
Deal (2017): Shifty asymmetries: universals and variation in shifty indexicality (Sections 1-4)

Wednesday, October 17th 2018:
Speas (1999): Person in Point of View in Navajo Direct Discourse Complements
Anand & Nevins (2004): Shifty Operators in Changing Contexts

Wednesday, October 10th 2018:
Levinson (2008): Deixis (Handbook of Pragmatics, Chapter 5)

QUD: Discourse Particles/Emotivity

Tuesday, May 29th 2018:
Rett (2011): Exclamatives, degrees, and speech acts

Tuesday, May 22nd 2018:
Zanuttini & Portner (2003): Exclamative clauses: At the syntax-semantics interface

Tuesday, May 15th 2018:
Beltrama (2018): Totally Between Subjectivity and Discourse: Exploring the Pragmatic Side of Intensification

Tuesday, May 8th 2018:
Kraus (2018): Great Intonations

Tuesday, May 1st 2018:
AnderBois (2018): Illocutionary Revelations: Yucatec Maya Bakaan and the Typology of Miratives

Tuesday, April 24th 2018:
Rett (2017): The semantics of emotive markers and other illocutionary content

QUD: Presuppositions

Monday, March 5th 2018:
Cummins et al. (2013): Backgrounding and Accommodation of Presuppositions: An Experimental Approach

Monday, February 26th 2018:
Jayez et al. (2015): Weak and Strong Triggers

Monday, February 12th 2018:
Schwarz & Tiemann (2017): Presupposition Projection in Online Processing

Monday, January 29th 2018:
van der Sandt (1992): Presupposition Projection as Anaphora Resolution

Monday, January 22nd 2018:
Kadmon (2001): Formal Pragmatics, Chapters 5 & 9

QUD: Embedded Questions

Wednesday, December 6th 2017:
Mayr (2017): Predicting Polar Question Embedding

Wednesday, November 15th 2017:
Uegaki (2015): Interpreting Questions under Attitudes

Special Day and Special Guest! Monday, November 6th 2017:
Jérémy Pasquereau on Asymmetry between responses to questions and responses to assertions: the view from French embedded yes/no particles

Wednesday, November 1st 2017:
Aloni (2005): A Formal Treatment of the Pragmatics of Questions and Attitudes

Wednesday, October 25th 2017:
George (2011): Question Embedding and the Semantics of Answers, Chapter 6

Wednesday, October 18th 2017:
Potts (2006): How far can Pragmatic Mechanisms Take Us?

Wednesday, October 11th 2017:
Partee (2009): Semantics and Pragmatics of Questions

QUD: The Pragmatics of Intonation

General Resource:
Here is a free MIT class with online resources for learning more about/practicing ToBI transcription.

Thursday, June 1st 2017:
Howell (2011): Second-Occurrence Focus and the Acoustics of Prominence

Thursday, May 25th 2017:
Beaver et al. (2007): When Semantics Meets Phonetics: Acoustical Studies of Second-Occurrence Focus

Thursday, May 18th 2017:
Jun and Bishop (2015): Priming Implicit Prosody: Prosodic Boundaries and Individual Differences

Thursday, May 4th 2017:
Mark Steedman (2003): Information-Structural Semantics for English Intonation

Thursday, April 27th 2017:
Noah Constant (2012): English rise-fall-rise: a study in the semantics and pragmatics of intonation

Thursday, April 20th 2017:
Ward & Hirschberg (1988): Intonation and Propositional Attitude.

Thursday, April 13th 2017:
Ladd (2008): Intonational Pragmatics, Chapter 3. Online sound files

Thursday, January 19th 2017:
Hirschberg (2006): Pragmatics and Intonation

Thursday, January 12th 2017:
Planning Meeting

QUD: Conditionals and Causal Inference

Wednesday, November 30th 2016:
Veltman (2005): Making counterfactual assumptions

Wednesday, November 16th 2016:
Francez (2015): Chimerical conditionals

Wednesday, November 9th 2016:
Ebert, Ebert & Hinterwimmer (2014): A unified analysis of conditionals as topics

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016:
Condoravdi & Lauer (2016): Anakastic conditionals are just conditionals

Wednesday, October 26th 2016:
Ogihara (2000): Counterfactuals, temporal adverbs, and association with focus

Wednesday, October 19th 2016:
Uegaki (2015): Content nouns and the semantics of question-embedding

Wednesday, October 12th 2016:
Isaacs & Rawlins (2008): Conditional questions

Wednesday, October 5th 2016:
Kratzer (1986): Conditionals

Wednesday, September 28th 2016:
Planning Meeting

QUD: Topics in Epistemic Modality
(Curated by Deniz Rudin)

Wednesday, May 25th 2016:
Papafragou (2006): Epistemic modality and truth conditions

Wednesday, May 18th 2016:
Bern Samko presents: 'Syntax & Information Structure: The Grammar of English Inversions'

Wednesday, May 11th 2016:
Lassiter (2016): Must, knowledge, and (in)directness

Wednesday, May 4th 2016:
von Fintel & Gillies (2010): Must... stay... strong!

Wednesday, April 27th 2016:
Moss (2015): On the semantics and pragmatics of epistemic vocabulary

Wednesday, April 20th 2016:
Stone (1994): The reference argument of epistemic must

Wednesday, April 13th 2016:
Anand & Brasoveanu (2009): Modal concord as modal modification

Wednesday, April 6th 2016:
Karttunen (1972): Possible and must

Wednesday, March 29th 2016:
Planning Meeting

QUD: Evidentiality
(Curated by Ben Mericli)

Tuesday, March 8th 2016:
Northrup (2014): Grounds for commitment
Chapter 2: An evidential model of discourse

Tuesday, March 1st 2016:
Speas (2004): Evidentiality, logophoricity and the syntactic representation of pragmatic features

Tuesday, February 23th 2016:
Faller (2011): A possible worlds semantics for Cuzco Quechua evidentials

Tuesday, February 16th 2016:
Peterson (2013): Rethinking mirativity

Tuesday, February 9th 2016:
Davis, Potts & Speas (2007): The pragmatic values of evidential sentences

Tuesday, February 2nd 2016:
Harris & Potts (2009): Perspective-shifting with appositives and expressives

Tuesday, January 26th 2016:
AnderBois (2014): On the exceptional status of reportative evidentials

Tuesday, January 19th 2016:
Izvorski (1997): The present perfect as an epistemic modal

Tuesday, January 12th 2016:
Higginbotham (2009): Evidentials: Some basic distinctions
(with supplementary data provided by Ben Mericli)

Tuesday, January 5th 2016:
Planning Meeting

QUD: Licensing Implicatures

Thursday, December 3rd 2015:
Sauerland (2004): Scalar implicatures in complex sentences

Thursday, November 19th 2015:
Phil Crone presents: 'Assertions of clarity & awareness'

Thursday, November 12th 2015:
Katzier (2007): Structurally-defined alternatives

QUD: Semantics, Pragmatics and Processing

Thursday, November 5th 2015:
Rohde, Levy & Kehler (2011): Anticipating explanations in relative clause processing

Thursday, October 29th 2015:
Degen & Tanenhaus (2014): Processing scalar implicature: A constraint-based approach

Thursday, October 22nd 2015:
Potts, Lassiter, Levy & Frank (2015): Embedded implicatures as pragmatic inferences under compositional lexical uncertainty

Thursday, October 15th 2015:
Hobbs (1979): Coherence and coreference

Thursday, October 8th 2015:
Goodman & Lassiter (2013): Probabilistic semantics and pragmatics: Uncertainty in language and thought

Thursday, October 1st 2015:
Kehler & Rohde (2013): A probabilistic reconciliation of coherence-driven and centering-driven theories of pronoun interpretation

Thursday, September 24th 2015:
Planning Meeting

QUD: Information Structure
(Curated by Bern Samko)

Tuesday, June 2nd 2015:
Information structure in the wild: NYT corpus data workshop with Bern Samko

Tuesday, May 26th 2015:
Ward & Birner (2001): Discourse and Information Structure

Tuesday, May 19th 2015:
Prince (1981): Topicalization, Focus-Movement, and Yiddish-Movement: A pragmatic differentiation

Tuesday, May 12th 2015:
Constant (2014): Contrastive topic: Meanings and realizations
Chapter 4: CT-marked quantifiers

Tuesday, May 5th 2015:
Ebert & Endriss (2007): Functional Topics

Tuesday, April 28th 2015:
Kuroda (2005): Focusing on the matter of topic: A study of wa and ga in Japanese

Tuesday, April 21st 2015:
Vallduvi & Engdahl (1996): The linguistic realisation of information packaging

Tuesday, April 14th 2015:
Portner & Yabushita (1998): The semantics and pragmatics of topic phrases

Tuesday, April 7th 2015:
Reinhart (1981): Pragmatics and linguistics: An analysis of sentence topics
Supplemental: Vallduvi (2014): Information structure

Tuesday, March 31st 2015:
Planning Meeting

QUD: Cancelability

Monday, March 9th 2015:
Stalnaker (1973): Presuppositions
Stalnaker (1998): On the representation of context

Monday, March 2nd 2015:
Pranav Anand presents: 'Being right about veracity'

Thursday, February 19 2015:
Abrusan (2011): Predicting the presuppositions of soft triggers

Monday, February 9th 2015:
Simons, Roberts, Tonhauser & Beaver (2014): The best question: explaining the projection behavior of factives

Monday, February 2nd 2015:
Lauer (2013): Towards a dynamic pragmatics
Chapter 9: Conversational implicatures

Monday, January 26th 2015:
Lauer (2013): Towards a dynamic pragmatics
Chapter 2: The basic system

Thursday, January 22nd 2015:
Bade (2014): Obligatory implicatures and the presupposition of "too"

Thursday, January 14th 2015:
Westera & Brasoveanu (2014): Ignorance in context: The interaction of modified numerals and QUDs

Monday, January 5th 2015:
Planning meeting

QUD: Content externalism

Special bonus reading (not discussed as a group):
Lassiter (2008): Semantic externalism, language variation, and sociolinguistic accommodation

Monday, December 8th 2014:
Burge (2003): Psychology and the environment

Monday, December 1st 2014:
Chomsky (2000): Internalist explorations

Monday, November 24th 2014:
Putnam (1973): Meaning and reference

QUD: Vagueness

Monday, November 17th 2014:
Williamson (1992): Vagueness and ignorance
Williamson (1997): Imagination, stipulation and vagueness

Monday, November 10th 2014:

Monday, November 3rd 2014:
Kamp (1975): Two theories about adjectives

Monday, October 27th 2014:
Kennedy (2007): Vagueness and grammar

Monday, October 20th 2014:
Cobreros, Egre, Ripley & van Rooij (2010): Tolerant, classical, strict

Monday, October 13th 2014:
van Rooij (2011): Vagueness in linguistics

Monday, October 6th 2014:
Planning meeting


Coordinators: Eli Sharf (ebsharf@ucsc.edu), Matthew Kogan (mjkogan@ucsc.edu)

Semantics, Pragmatics and LAnguage Philosophy (SPLAP!) is a UCSC Linguistics reading and discussion group devoted to consideration of all aspects of linguistic meaning—exploring theoretical, empirical and experimental approaches to the semantics and pragmatics of natural language, drawing on traditions as intertwined as linguistics and logic, and as distinct as philosophy and psychology.

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