Some JH Papers

Deletion in Coordinate Structures 1 (Garland 1979)

Deletion in Coordinate Structures 2-4

On the Nonexistence of Mirror Image Rules in Syntax (1972)

Analogical Rules in Syntax (CLS 1972)

Shifty Subjects (Squib, 1972)

Unacceptable Ambiguity (1973)

Whose Gorilla? (1973)

Why there are two than's in English (CLS 9 1973)

WH-indexing (NELS 5 1974)

On the Non-Cyclic Nature of Wh-Clefting (1974)

On Pruning NP and VP (1974)

The Sonority Hierarchy (CLS Natural Phonology Parasession 1974)

On WH-Indexing (1974)

Deep and Shallow Clefts (1975)

Hankamer and Knecht (1976)

Deep and Surface Anaphora (1976)

Multiple Analyses (1977)

On the Nontransformational Derivation of Some Null VP Anaphors (1978)

Lexical Extension and Grammatical Transformations (1980)

Toward a Theory of Anaphoric Processing (1984)

Finite State Morphology and Left to Right Phonology (1986)

Parsing Nominal Compounds in Turkish (1987)

Morphological Parsing and the Lexicon (1989)

Notes on Monosyllabism in Turkish (PASC 1 1989)

Wa and ga in Turkish (1990)

Modelling Morphological Parsers and Grammars (1994)

Pre-set two-head automata (Creider, Hankamer, and Wood 1995)

A Morphlogical Analysis of Definiteness in Danish (2002)

Why there are two ki's in Turkish (CRTL 2004)

An ad-phrasal affix in Turkish (WAFL 2004)

La condicion de identidad en la elipsis (2006)

When Movement Must be Blocked: A Reply to Embik and Noyer (2005)

Definiteness marking and the structure of Danish pseudopartitives (2008)

Turkish Vowel Epenthesis (KZ Festschrift 2010)

Auxiliaries and Negation in English (JA Festschrift 2011)

Exponence of the Turkish Aorist (Ozsoy Festschrift 201?)

Turkish Monosyllabism Revisited

Ad-Phrasal Affixes and Suspended Affixation