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Welcome to the Jorge Hankamer WebFest. This website celebrates Jorge's 60th birthday, his accomplishments, and his return from administration to Linguistics by bringing together squibs and greetings from students, colleagues, and friends.

Sandy Chung, Jim McCloskey, and Nathan Sanders, editors

Judith Aissen A Serial Verb Construction in Tzotzil
Eric Bakovic The Conspiracy of Turkish Vowel Harmony
Mark Baltin and
Janet Dean Fodor
Selection for a Surface Anaphor
Chris Barker Three and a Half Squibs
Cheryl A. Black Punctuation or Intonation Morphemes in Otomangean Languages
Anne Callahan "Sixty wishes for Jorge..."
Dario Caloss "The things I don't say..."
Sandy Chung Close Encounters with Pronouns in VP Ellipsis
Connie Creel "We are not yet..."
Annette C. Earling "Although I've veered slightly..."
Theodore B. Fernald Athabaskan Satellites and ASL Ion-Morphs
Katrina Glerum The Case for a Performing Tagline
María Victoria González Pagani "Feliz cumpleaños..."
Colette Grinevald A Fieldwork Squib
Christine Gunlogson
in collaboration with
Adam Ussishkin
The [j]-Factor
Rodrigo Gutierrez "Many many thanks..."
Alice C. Harris "Best wishes..."
Sam Hinojosa "I wanted to write a syntax squib..."
Tanya Honig "When you hired me..."
Junko Ito and
Armin Mester
"Ich, der ich sechzig bin": An Agreement Puzzle
Brian Joseph What Gives with What Gives?
Dan Karvonen "All the best..."
Christopher Kennedy and
Jason Merchant
The Case of the 'Missing CP' and the Secret Case
Jaklin Kornfilt Directionality of Identical Verb Deletion in Turkish Coordination
William A. Ladusaw Independent Possessive Pronouns and Object Positions
Aditi Lahiri "Best wishes..."
Jim McCloskey Reciprocals, Parts, and Wholes
Louise McNally "Pigs fly."
Louise McNally and
Christopher Kennedy
John Moore Local Movement and Pseudocleft Connectivity
Jaye Padgett A Soccer Squib
David M. Perlmutter A New Way to Distinguish Raising from Fronting in Russian
Jessie Pinkham Syntactic Chameleons
Paul M. Postal Strange Pronouns
Eric Potsdam Happy Birthday
Chris Potts When Even No's Neg is Splitsville
Geoffrey K. Pullum Hankamer Was!
Cher Roberts A Watercolor
Jane Rosenthal Particle Retention in Deverbalized Constructions
Joseph Sabbagh and
Lotus Goldberg
More on English Preposition Stranding
Ivan A. Sag Another Argument Against Wh-Trace
Michael Shea "I'd like to express..."
Bill Shipley The Maidu Story
Kathryn Thom "To send this greeting..."
Rachelle Waksler A HELLA New Specifier
Rachel Walker and
Geoff Duke
"We are here in LA..."

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